Best Food for Upset Stomach

food best for upset stomach

Eating too much, dealing with stressful situations, consuming bad food, or suffering from a nasty bug can completely stop you in your tracks at any moment during your day. In fact, dealing with a strong bout of stomach problems that lead to nausea and diarrhea can be an issue that’s not only uncomfortable but also very painful. When this occurs, most people know that anything that they eat from that point on may further exacerbate the stomach problems that they are experiencing. Therefore, if you want to keep these problems from bringing you to your knees in pain again, you need to know what foods to eat with an upset stomach.

That being said, here are 7 foods that you can eat to settle your stomach and keep it calm.

1. Bananas

According to information provided by the co-founder of the facility Appetite for Health, Julie Upton, you may start your diet by eating a banana or two. Bananas are considered to be an excellent food choice for anyone who is suffering from stomach problems. This is because bananas are easy for many people to digest and will not irritate the upper gastrointestinal tract or the stomach. In fact, because the banana is on the list of high-fiber fruit, it will help to keep the digestive system regular. It will also give people the vitamin b6 that the bodies need to eliminate bloating and any fluid retention in the body.

2. Teas

After experiencing stomach problems that lead to nausea and diarrhea, some people may be afraid to introduce solid foods back into the body. Therefore, they may start slowly by drinking liquids instead of eating solids. Many teas are beneficial for the body for a variety of purposes including soothing an upset stomach. Depending on the issues that the person is dealing with at the time, certain teas can be consumed when an individual is nauseated, bloated, or has an issue with diarrhea. For instance, if you to keep some problems from striking, you may want to drink a cup of peppermint tea. Ginger tea and black teas are considered to be excellent aids for anyone who has digestive issues that they want to keep under control. Also, when someone has problems with constipation and gas, a glass of Fennel tea is highly recommended. .

3. White Toast

Once you begin to get your stomach problems under control, you may want to see if you have white toast available in your pantry. Even though you may feel that eating a piece of white toast is definitely counterintuitive, reaching for a piece of white toast is actually a good move. The white toast is a great source of food options since it will help to absorb the stomach acid that is remaining in your digestive tract. Until things are really back to normal, you can either nibble a white toast or a few soda crackers every few hours. White toast is a better food choice compared to wheat toast because it digests much slower and will remain in the stomach a lot longer. Also, when you do go to the bathroom to eliminate any bad foods that’s left in your digestive system, your stool will be much bulkier.

4. Eggs

As your stomach begins to recover, you do not want to load it up with foods that can further irritate these issues and make them last a lot longer than they should. So, you want to look for foods that will be a lot lighter and easier to on your stomach and your digestive tract. Foods that normally meet this requirement are those that are made of protein but will also not create acid reflux. For instance, you want to eat the type of foods that not have gone through hazardous food processing (i.e. fried foods and red meats in large amounts). Instead, the best type of protein that you need to consume during these times is eggs. Eggs are a food choice that is easier-to-digest and will not cause your stomach to get full too fast. It is a light food that can be scrambled with a healthy oil to suit your taste.

5. Oats

To prevent any future problems with intestinal issues, you may also eat whole grains to soothe the stomach. Unless you are considered to have a low tolerance to wheat products, you can eat foods that are made of soluble oats. When you eat oats at this time, you can get a variety of benefits including getting rid of the hunger, stomach pains, bloating and the nausea that comes from the stomach problems that you are experiencing.

6. Tomatoes

If you love fresh tomatoes, this is a great time to enjoy eating your favorite types of tomatoes (i.e. Roma, cherry tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes and so on). Tomatoes are a good source of prebiotic foods so they can help to fuel the friendly gut bacteria that are already in the body. When you begin to eat tomatoes, you will be preventing inflammation in certain areas of the body and will also boost your intestinal immunity system. When you begin to eat your tomatoes, you may also want to add in onions, and asparagus to get the full benefits of easing your stomach back to a normal pre-state irritated condition.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Stomach bloating problems are issues that can be very uncomfortable for anyone who constantly experiencing these kinds of medical issues. Because there are specific foods that tend to promote belly-bloating after eating certain types of foods like milk and dairy. So, t is important that people pay special attention to the foods that they pick and choose. On the other hand, there are certain foods like sweet potatoes that is very good for the digestive system and will help to promote the proper balances such as reducing the amount of sodium in the body. Sweet potatoes are also good for creating bulk in the stool and containing good nutrients like calcium and potassium for proper body functioning.