best juicer on the market 2020

best juicer 2020

If you are a big fan of fruit and vegetable juice then, you should consider getting a juicer for yourself.

These are simple home appliances that work more or less like home blenders. The good thing with the juicer is that it works at a slower pace while juicing hence giving you the best nutrition, value and quality

juice from the fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, these juicers are the best, and they also have universal functions. Here are some of the best juicers that you should consider getting for yourself.

5. Omega J8006HDS Masticating Juicer

This is one of the juicers capable of extracting the maximum amount of nutrients, delicious and healthy juice. This can be done from fewer fruits, wheatgrass and vegetables, but you will get adequate vitamins

and tastier juice. More also you can rely on this juicer to make butter, grind for your coffee beans, make baby food, mince your herbs and also help in freezing your desserts. This juicer is also capable of

producing juice with dry pulp due to its excellent feature that automatically ejects the pulp as it continuously juices for you. Its four feet makes it stable and supports its quiet operations without interfering with your juice. It has a double juicing system ensuring efficient, maximum and high-quality Juice. Furthermore, this juicer has durable parts hence longer lasting as it serves you. Its power

consumption is also useful, thus safer for your home.

4. Omega VSJ843QS Masticating Juicer

This is one of the dual-edged juicer on the Market Square having tight fittings that are capable of straining more juice and breaking down fibres to more smooth hence producing a denser juice with a lot of nutrients. Additionally, its ability to slower squeezing action reduces the rate of oxidation, keeping the enzymes intact. Its slower speed also reduces heat buildup; hence this helps in prolonging the shelf life of the juice that may last for over three days. These juicers not only capable of squeezing juice from wheatgrass but can also be used to make nut milk. The omega VSJ843QS can clean itself automatically making the screen clear, this process too helps in increasing the efficiency of the machine, and this also reduces the maintenance cost. Its vertical design makes it squeeze a healthier and higher amount of juice. Its power consumption is also very efficient despite being a powerful juicer, and this won’t stress your electricity bills. Besides this juicer is made from high-quality materials hence its durability as its process your juice.

3. Omega Juicer NC800HDS Juice Extractor

It has a slower speed which in turns results to the minimum amount of heat buildup, unlike the centrifugal juicers which reduce the amount of oxidation resulting in very healthy enzymes. Having a

double stage of extraction, this results in more delicious and healthier juice. The furthermore high amount of nutrients, vitamins and non -pulpy juice are also extracted from wheatgrass and leafy greens due to its

process of automatic pulp extraction. This extractor is also universal since it can be used in gridding of coffee beans, turning different types of nuts into butter, mashing baby food, freezing desserts, mincing

garlic and herbs and eventually whipping up soy milk in flash of seconds. Built with an adjustable cap that has specialized settings for maximum juice extraction. It contains powerful and efficient motors with

gear reduction capable of extracting juice from even large chunks of fruits hence saving your preparation time. Has built-in handles making it easier to be lifted at the convenience of your working place. The Omega NC800HDS is also durable accordingly can serve you for a very long time with a lot of efficiency and quality.

2. Picberm PB2210B Cold Press Juicer

It’s cold pressing juicing technology makes it one of the different juicers. This technique of freezing and slow juicing results in higher nutrient preservation retaining maximum nutrition leaving behind the driest pulps. Besides, this more deliberate action also produces healthier enzymes and an excellent taste to your juice as the

process of oxidation is reduced to its minimum. This juicer has a bigger motor and an extra-large chute feeder that can even be used to extract a whole fruit hence decreasing the time for slicing your ingredients. In

addition it contains two inlets that support continuous, efficient and faster feeding into the juicer. This results into sufficient production of juice. This juicer also includes anti-dripping feature making its top

parts clean hence making your cleaning very easy. Finally, this juicer is also unique since if not well assembled, it will not work and this guarantees your security reducing the risks of accidents.

1. Caynel Slow Masticating Juicer

It is a lightweight and one of a compact design which is not only portable but also takes smaller space in your kitchen. This juicer is straightforward to operate and also its assembly has been further made simpler. Besides, it has a robust and high-efficiency motor that works very slowly hence squeezing the maximum juice contents. Unlike the high-speed juicers using the centrifugal technique, this slow juicer

ensures there is a minimal rate of oxidation, thus giving your juice its natural taste and maximum nutrition. Furthermore, this juicer is versatile and can be used not only to extract juice but other

contents from fruits, herbs and vegetables. It is also effortless to assemble and disassemble, making the process of cleaning very efficient. Furthermore, it is made from high-quality Tritan food materials hence

safe for your health and your family.


Having gone through this article, you will have a great clue and information about the best and quality juicers in the market. All these items are perfect and safe for you your juicing journey. By picking

any one of them, you will not regret as it will serve you efficiently and give you fresh, nutritional and high-quality juice. Furthermore, they are also universal and can also help you in making butter and baby food.Therefore, ensure you make your order today and enjoy the great services provided by the juicers.You will never regret picking any of the juicers.