How to Get Along With Your Teenage Girl?

When you receive your newborn daughter, the excitement and joy that come with the experience are out of this world. With time, the new angel starts looking at you with those innocent, lovely eyes. After some years, your girl is all grown and starts to show adolescent signs. Her chest, hip curves and possibly facial skin make her look quite different from the way you’ve been seeing her previously.

Unfortunately, adolescence is the stage where many parents fear, as they deal with children who are trying to establish their identities. From social and peer issues to rebellious behaviors, a parent with a teenage girl has lots of challenges to deal with as far as raising the child is concerned. Some parents even go to an extreme of throwing in the towel when they feel as if they’ve completely lost control on their girls. But it shouldn’t get here…it shouldn’t. All you need is to have an informed approach when dealing with her.

 Wondering what you can do to maintain a healthy relationship with your daughter. Don’t worry; this article got you covered. Having interacted with various psychologists and teenage counselors and consulted lots of literature about the matter, we’ve compiled the following list of the things a parent can do to get along well with his or her teenage daughter.

  • Be always available to talk to her

Inasmuch as she wants to feel independent and ‘mature’, your daughter still needs your guidance. Considering the confusion that teenager girl faces with as everything in their lives seems to change, they may not know how to open up about what they are going through. They aren’t sure how you are going to react to their concerns. How will you tell her about that boy who is constantly stalking on her? Where does she start to let you know that she’s just had her first menstrual period? All in all, she needs your guidance and direction.

But how will you offer that if she doesn’t want to talk to you?

First, let her know that you are there not only as one of her best friends but also as a parent who has her best interest in mind. Start being friendly earlier even before she enters teenage and let her know that you are always there for her whenever she needs a confidant to talk to about any matter.

If you don’t know how and need help to do that, there are online parenting classes organized by professionals, who can give you some useful and practical advice in this regard.

  • Always pay full attention to what she’s saying

As earlier mentioned, teenage is a critical stage marked with lots of changes, some of which your girl may be daunting to deal with. No wonder sometimes you see her moody and somehow rude. At times she may approach you for guidance or just venting out her worries/frustrations but with an unfriendly tone. No matter how she approaches you, you need to pay full attention to what she’s saying. Turn off the radio/TV or lower its volume. Pause whatever you are doing. Listen without interrupting or missing a word of what she’s saying. After listening, you can start your response by correcting her rude tone in a friendly way and then address the main issue in a friendly manner too.

  • Don’t overreact to an eye roll

If you haven’t seen that annoying that eye roll from her, don’t ask if it will happen because definitely, you’ll have to deal with it at some point. For many parents, a reflex response when they see their girls rolling their eyes at them is a thunder-like yell. Of course the gesture is disrespectful, but you need to understand that she is under control of something she doesn’t really understand (hormonal change).

Fortunately, with your guidance, understanding and patience, it is something she can get over with time. The best way to deal with it when it happens is to try as much as you can to maintain your cool. It isn’t easy but you can. Take a deep breath…in…out. Then, when things calm down (for both of you), address the issue in a friendly manner. Let her know how you feel about it and why she shouldn’t do it again.

  • Respect her

Respect is a two-way street. You have to give it for you to receive it back. Mutual respect between you and your daughter is a crucial component in the foundation of your healthy relationship. If you don’t want her to be rude at you, you have to be polite at her. Talk to her in a calm manner. Don’t lie to her. Don’t call her names.

If you want her to listen to you keenly, then you need to pay full attention to what she tells you. Even when you are giving rules, it’s good to communicate them in a calm, polite and respectful manner and perhaps let her know how they are important for her, both of you and/or your family.

  • Help her find her identify and maintain high self-esteem

Teenage is when a girl starts becoming very conscious of her looks and self-identity. She starts looking at the ‘beautiful’ ladies/girls around her and compares herself with them. She desires to be the best, but when she falls short of the societal expectations of the ‘best,’ her self-esteem begins to escape her. Ultimately, her inadequacy feeling may make her do crazy stuff or prevent her from achieving her dreams.

Therefore, as a parent, you need to help your daughter think critically about herself and appreciate the beautiful girl she’s grown to be without comparing herself with other people. Let her know she’s unique and the best version of herself. Such conversations will help her to become more confident about herself and boost her self-worth

  • Be cautious when commenting about her looks

Your teenage girl, just like any other girl at her current life stage, is very sensitive about her appearance. Unless you want to provoke a massive backlash, avoid commenting harshly on her sense of fashion including the clothes, shoes and hairstyle she puts on.

In case you aren’t contented with her fashion sense, be cautious with your choice of words as you drive your point home. You could say “Love, you look gorgeous but I’m not used to seeing you putting you on that. I think you can rock better than that with…but if you are okay with it, it’s well with me too”.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’re going to get along with your teenage girl better. All the best to both of you!

Some Great Females You Might Not Know

women you didnt know

Many countries always honor great men who during their lives, did outstanding things. But how many nations acknowledge the roles played by the brave women who have over the ages done exceptional stuff? While a number of them have received honors, many are still not as popular as their male counterparts.

But this doesn’t mean that their achievements are not significant enough to be recognized. Instead, it is those in positions of power who tend to ignore the deeds of women rendering them unknown to many people. However, this shouldn’t be the case. The following is a list of some of the women that you probably didn’t know what they did in their remarkable lives, or you’ve maybe forgotten their achievements:

Florence Howe

Have you ever heard about second-wave feminism? It is almost impossible to refer to this historical women rights revolution without mentioning Florence Howe. Ms. Howe is one of the pioneers of feminism and advocate for women rights. But she never began as a feminist.


Ms. Howe was a quiet woman until she participated in the civil rights and war resistance movement in 1960. During the period, Ms. Howe was against the United States’ war against Vietnam. She, as a result, refused to pay income tax to the government as part of the resistance against the war. Florence Howe also volunteered to teach at Freedom Schools as a show of solidarity to the black children who were at the time neglected against in the society.

Florence Howe created The Feminist Press. This was a publishing firm that was meant to advance women rights activism. One of the primary reasons why she began this publishing house was to ensure that many women whose efforts had been trampled were not put into the limelight. On this regard, Howe did publications of the works of Zora Neale Hurston, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and many other brave women who had left a mark during their lives.

Howe’s publishing house was open to women from all walks of life. She published works written by women writers from various nationalities, and most of them did papers on diverse topics. Even though many may not know her, Howe’s achievements may have gone unnoticed over the years, but one thing stands out about what she did. The Feminist Press still lives to date, and today, it is among the publishing houses with a focus on women that has existed longest in the world.

Annie Londonderry

Many people probably know Annie Londonderry for her cycling exploits after she became the first woman to get to almost all parts of the world. Although cycling is not something that many might consider being a fete, when Annie Londonderry did it, it was indeed an achievement. In 1894, Annie Londonderry began her journey to cycle to all parts of the world with a single bicycle, a few clothes, and a small pistol. Her aim to reach many of the world’s major cities while cycling.

Annie Londonderry

The most interesting bit is that Annie Londonderry was able to get to all the planned places 14 days earlier than she expected herself. This made her a national hero as it occurred when not many people believed in women’s capabilities in doing things that were considered manly. Annie Londonderry was able to travel to cities such as Hong Kong and Alexandria during his expedition. This action led to many women to believe in their abilities to challenge men in taking up leadership positions. At this time, nobody thought that this would be possible.

Rachel Carson

Few women can rival the contributions of Rachel Carson to the writing sector. Carson exhibited immense talent in writing on scientific as well as environmental issues. At first, Ms. Carson worked as an English major at the Pennsylvania College for Women. She, however, quit this role to focus on writing biology articles that were occasionally posted in the school’s newspaper. On the career front, Rachel Carson was no average woman.


The US Bureau of Fisheries employed her upon finishing her Master’s Degree in Zoology at the John Hopkins University. She was a renowned writer with some of her writings, such as The Sea Around Us being recognized nationally as some of the best. However, it is the book, Silent Spring that she released in 1962 that put her in the limelight as one of the most talented writers that the United States has ever witnessed.

Peggy Shippen Arnold

If you’ve read about the United States’ struggle to capture independence from Great Britain, you must have come across the name of Benedict Arnold who played a cardinal role in the quest, albeit negatively.

However, the sad bit is that many people only know Benedict buy very few identify the achievements of his wife, Peggy Shippen in aiding the Britain colonialists stay in the United States for a little longer while. The couple was dedicated in revealing the secrets of the US army to the British colonial rulers.


Peggy Shippen Arnold is said to have been the kingpin of ensuring that the British stayed alert on the happenings in the country. She is told to have been writing coded messages to the British major at the time that went unrealized by her US counterparts. 

Alice Coachman

Although she died in 2004, Alice left a legacy in the sporting world that will live forever. Alice was born in 1922, and during this time, many whites discriminated the blacks from interacting with them in everything that they did. Alice Coachman came to face this discrimination at a time when she wanted to train with the white folks, but she was denied the chance.

Alice Coachman

However, this ended up motivating her rather than putting her down. Her efforts bore fruition in 1948 when she won an Olympic Gold Medal becoming the first Black American woman to achieve the fete.


It’d be forgivable if you didn’t know a few of the women mentioned above as many other heroes have become popular in recent times. However, it is worth remembering them as what they did to their nations was incredible, and many would struggle to match it. They are national heroines who participated in writing the histories of their countries, and they deserve an honor in remembrance of their deeds while they were alive.